Why I Love Men

Why I love men

About one year ago, I wrote a list of reasons as to why I love men and  since I was discussing this with someone these days, I had thought of making a translation. It would probably look different if I were to update it, meaning I would maybe add some more, but I will leave it as it is for the time being:

  1. Because their sense of humor is better developed than some girls’ and they make me laugh.
  2. Because they don’t care what they look like when they’re pulling a face, if their hair gets messy, if their nail polish has gone off their nails and because they do all sorts of tricks just to make people laugh.
  3. Because they’re pulling extremely funny faces in the mirror while shaving.
  4. Because they can be damn hot as well when they shave.
  5. Because they comb/hold their hair in a very masculine, almost careless way.
  6. Because they don’t generally pay excessive attention to their body and they don’t boast about it like girls do, although they can be very handsome too (“Huh? What? Oh, this thing? Yeah, big deal”, “Yeah, that man thing you’ve got that I adore!”).
  7. Because they’re very intelligent and they amaze you with the clarity of their thought and with their ideas.
  8. Because they wear a goatee.
  9. Because they’re very tender when they kiss your belly or your forehead.
  10. Because they kiss your hand while looking you in the eye.
  11. Because they go out with the boys for a beer.
  12. Because they get mad while watching the football matches and comment them as if they had been clearly better if they had been on the field.
  13. Because they know about  and can play football/basketball until their t-shirt sticks to their body.
  14. Because they have a deep voice even when they talk, or whisper or get angry.
  15. Because they always make your heart melt when they look at you with the eyes of innocent little boys when you scold them.
  16. Because they wear a goatee!!
  17. Because they turn their head to look at you.
  18. Because they make you feel more beautiful when they hold you in their arms and they love you timidly, then more greedily and more and more insatiably.
  19. Because children like them too and want to play with them.
  20. Because sometimes they’re one thousand more scared than you are, but they must be men and show you they’re strong and not afraid.
  21. Because they’re jealous if other guys look at you and they tell you you should let them know when someone’s trying to contact you, as if you were disturbed by this. “Just let me know if he tries to talk to you again, ok? I’ll show him!”
  22. Because they like to see you dressing up for them.
  23. Because they have no idea how I do my cat-eyes with my eyeliner and they stand in wonder as if it really were one.
  24. Because they have no idea you’re actually aware of them peeping down your cleavage.
  25. Because they like it when you get naughty.
  26. Because they stare at you in amazement when you tell them something nasty.
  27. Because they like visiting the nail and screw isle in the supermarket and spend a lot of time looking at things there. (“What took you so long?”, “Well, I like going to the tool section just like you like going to the lingerie section, get it?”)
  28. Because they explain to you in a very fatherly tone things that you knew for a long time, but they talk to you in a warm, tender voice, as if you were a little girl that needs to be taught about this and this and that too…
  29. Because they like cuddling and they’re extremely gifted when it comes to make you forgive them even when you feel like smacking them for looking at skirts in the street.
  30. Because they call you all sorts of sweet names.
  31. Because they shake hands with that air of importance and greet their friends in a very serious manner.
  32. Because they address one another using words like “man”, “doc”, “boss”,  etc.
  33. Because they are so fascinating that you look at them when they sleep, when they eat, when they look around and cannot help thinking “I wonder how he breathes”, “I wonder if he sees the way I see”, “I wonder what he’s thinking of”, “I wonder what his dreams are like” and so on.
  34. Because most of them don’t need to use that creepy thing to make their eyelashes look better, like a lot of girls do.
  35. Because they have gorgeous eyes, gorgeous lips, because their beard grows in a gorgeous way, because they have amazing muscles and a flat chest, because they have a gorgeous neck, a gorgeous jaw, gorgeous hands, gorgeous shoulders, a gorgeous back, a gorgeous ass and they don’t even realize that.
  36. Because they have enormous strength and can lift a huge suitcase as if they lifted a bag with two loaves of bread in it.
  37. Because they make your heart melt when you see them playing with their kids in the park.
  38. Because they can install Windows and, generally speaking, know more about computers than YM and Facebook.
  39. Because they can play FIFA and always beat you at fighting games.
  40. Because they have a strategy when they play games, they don’t just play to have fun…
  41. Because when you appear in front of them wearing a tight dress they forget thirst, hunger, sleep and generally any other problem.
  42. Because they let you keep your head on their chest after you make love.
  43. Because they don’t cook too often, but when they do it, they make some really interesting combinations.
  44. Because they get nervous when you eat ice cream in front of them.
  45. Because they’re big and strong and you get lost in their arms and because they give you the feeling nothing can harm you while you’re there.
  46. Because they want to, but they’re all adrift until they realize you actually want to hear them say it and then they handle the situation very manly and with a lot of self-confidence.
  47. Because they want to look like rough, untouchable men, but they like it when you look after them and spoil them.
  48. Because sometimes they’re very laidback and their behaviour is so relaxed, but they have no idea that you’re looking at them and that you’re mad about them.
  49. Because they look amazing in a suit and they make you want to pull them by that tie just to kiss them.
  50. Because when they make love their body resembles a whole army trying to win a defenseless but inaccessible fortress. Because they could have all through force, yet they do it so gently and so attentively, that all you’re left with is to melt in their arms.
  51. Simply because they’re men and they’re amazing!