Men & Women

Why I Still Love Men

Someone paid me recently the great compliment of telling me the first post in which I listed reasons why I love men was her favourite on my blog. So I went back to read my list and I realized that as I grew up into a woman, my reasons to love men slightly changed. However, as I will rephrase some of them, I feel like also adding some new ones, born from new experiences and more wisdom on my side (hopefully). Long story short, I feel like that was the list of a girl and I want to write the list of a woman now.

So here it is. More reasons to love men:

  • Because ideas shaped by lack of emotional education in a culture which still deals quite often with traditional gender roles are of course not true and men actually are sensitive and emotional. And they are incredibly sweet and precious when they allow themselves to be so.
  • Because they have a rational approach to life and are good at offering pragmatic solutions to problems.
  • Because they have learned how important it is to create memories with their children and give them a sense of security, so they make time for them and get involved.
  • Because they have a strong sense of duty and make sacrifices for their families.
  • Because they have sacrificed themselves in horrendous conditions during wars, in order to protect others. And because should that happen again, they will do so again. With or without their consent. I hope they never have to.
  • Because when they want you, they move heaven and earth to spend time with you.
  • Because they have a great sense of humour.
  • Because they make great chefs and are brave enough to innovate in the kitchen.
  • Because in Eastern European countries, when a guy repairs his car in front of his building, 5 more guys come up and start a sort of council on how the job should be done.
  • Because in any other country, when some heavy physical work needs to be done, the same type of council is held and each of them is trying to show his prowess and skill.
  • Because even the most heavy-bearded, tattoo-covered, muscly guy can wear a pink tutu, crouch on a tiny chair and have tea with his daughter.
  • Because they look sexy driving a car. Or fixing stuff around the house.
  • Because they get all intimidated when you pay them compliments.
  • Because they’re strong and know how to make us feel protected.
  • Because they have incredibly hot voices, that sound great whether they just talk normally, whisper to you or laugh.
  • Because hearing them laugh is amazing.
  • Because they can grow beards which make them look extremely hot.
  • Because they are just as fragile as I am, although they are trying not to show it.
  • Because even though they get beaten at fighting video games, they’re still cool about it.
  • Because they have fascinating bodies. (Yes, we can keep saying they are disgusting for banter in stand-up comedy, but we know they’re actually fascinating.)
  • Because they’re just as amazing as women are.

I once heard a guy say women have intrinsic value, while men don’t. Please don’t ever say that. To anyone. There is no such thing as some people having intrinsic value and some people having to earn it. Such a statement can only come from a place of deep pain. So let’s forget such nonsense. Rather go hug a guy. And tell him you love him.


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